Gauteng is one of the most diverse destinations for business and tourism in South Africa. Whether you are here on business at the Reserve Bank Conference Centre or on a well earned holiday visiting the Sterkfontein Caves or other attractions, you are never far from a Spas of Distinction Collection location. Add a relaxing and refreshing spa treatment to your time here and we promise you will enjoy every single moment of it.

When you are eyeing for the idyllic place to calm down and relax, you should think of a visit to the best spa in Gauteng. This is the best place to pamper and relieve yourself of the strains and tensions of everyday life through numerous spa treatment Gauteng.

Boasting a number of world class spas in Gauteng spread across the key tourist destinations and the major cities of the province, we have ensured there is one of our luxurious spas located near you. There are a number of spa treatments to choose from and they all have one thing in common, you will leave with a relaxed body and mind, ready to tackle your “challenging” business event or to enjoy more of your holiday. The spa treatments Gauteng that we offer at the best spa in Gauteng are of high-quality and executed by trained professionals.

Many people think holidays are all fun but sometimes they can be stressful. Imagine being on a long tour of South Africa, involving long flights, treks up Table Mountain or long safaris. Now imagine coming back to the city, back into your element. Now imagine the wonders a Couples Spa Treatment will do for you? Rejuvenate your body and mind while rekindling the flames of your relationship or marriage too. Sharing the spa treatment with your other half is a great way to relax together and just enjoy being pampered, with a glass of one of South Africa’s award winning wines if you like.

The second highly recommended spa treatment available at one of the Spas of Distinction Collection properties is the Classic Manicure. Relax and revitalize all the major muscles of your body at the hands of one of our well trained and experienced massage therapists. Our treatment rooms are scented with candles and special lighting to set a relaxing environment. Rooms for couples are kitted with two massage plinths laid side by side so you can relax in each other’s company.

Beauty treatments to show some love to your skin are also on offer and they include:

  • Everyday facials
  • Cellular hydrating treatment
  • Rejuvenation peel
  • Anti-ageing facial

Gauteng has a lot to offer beyond the dozens of tourist attractions available for you to enjoy. And while you are out and about enjoying your holiday or business trip, remember taking care of your body too. Hosting some of the best spas in Gauteng, the Spas of Distinction Collection is here at your service.

Spas of Distinction in Gauteng