As specialists in the marine universe for more than 48 years, Thalgo laboratories have built up their know how by mastering marine algae and Thalassotherapy, by incorporating the riches of the sea within its philosophy. All Thalgo spa treatments incorporate the purest natural ingredients from marine and plant origin, and are renowned for their dramatic effects.


Vital for health and well-being we can all benefit from the goodness of the sea based treatments and products. For thousands of years the powers of the sea therapies have been renowned for their role in revitalizing, rebalancing and healing the body. Thalgo boasts a fully comprehensive state-of-the-art range of professional spa treatments for face and body, as well as aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, sun care, Men’s line and nutritional products.


Today throughout South Africa, Spas of Distinction offer Thalgo Thalassotherapy and Spa therapies.

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