The concept of health spas existed in ancient Greece. Greeks believed that baths and self-expression in open air amphitheatres promoted catharsis.

The Romans were legendary for their love of baths and sauna and the idea of bathing in or consuming medicated, hot or cold water to heal or rejuvenate perhaps itself pre-dates history.

The city of Krugersdorp came into prominence after gold was discovered nearby around 1852. The local Railway and Steam Train Museum boasts of some 90 steam engine locos. The nearby the Sterkfontein Caves house stunning limestone formations and remains of some of the oldest human civilization has been found in this World Heritage Site. Soulstice Day Spa brings world class health spa facilities to this place steeped in history. Soulstice Day Spa at the Silverstar Casino in Krugersdorp is eleven hundred square meters of sheer architectural beauty, a blend of the classic and contemporary that assimilates perfectly with nature and houses health, wellness and serenity. This contemporary health spa has 17 themed treatment rooms. Themes range from waterfalls to forests to deserts, each with their themed coloured lighting and soothing music to offer guest a unique and unparalleled experience in relaxation and healing.

The whole ambience have been created to help guests feel relaxed and at ease, prior to the treatments. The in house specialists evaluate individual guests before suggesting lines of treatments at the Soulstice Day Spa. This health spa offers patrons an indoor heated pool, steam rooms, saunas, Swiss and sensation showers. Various massage techniques, rejuvenation therapy and slow healing techniques soothe your senses. Signature body rituals and Rasul mud treatment chamber augments relaxation.

For those who desire this premier health spa offers non-surgical face and body lifting treatments from world-renowned systems including Endermologie and the Genie. Light treatment technology is used to rejuvenate your skin and remove unwanted hair. A half hour nap at the flotation pool equals the benefit of 4 hours of sleep. Specialized treatments at Soulstice Day Spa use world class beauty products applied by highly qualified health spa professionals committed to deliver world class service that our guests enjoy and have come to expect of us. We help you experience your senses and recharge them.