A unique treatment for dry and cracked feet 

Medi-Heel was founded in 2005 and its range of pedicure products have revolutionised the way in which spas conduct foot treatments for dry and cracked heels. With Medi-Heel, gone are the days of filing and blading. And there’s no more dust. With a single, gentle treatment all the dead skin can be removed from the heel using a chemical foot peel. The Medi-Heel solution uses keratolytic chemicals to soften the stratum corneum and dissolve dead skin cells. It’s a completely safe chemical peel for the feet. Developed and manufactured in South Africa, Medi-Heel’s products are ideal for home or spa use.

Medi-Heel’s guarantee of softer, smoother feet with a single once off treatment, is available from all Spas of Distinction Collection spas throughout South Africa.


Medi-Heel at Spas of Distinction


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