Who doesn’t love a healthy glowing skin? The speed of life, pollutants, stress, improper diet, erratic eating hours and patterns these plays havoc with our skin and it shows.

You simply cannot rush through life and look like a Hollywood beauty, or maybe you can. If only you will leave the trouble to us, lay back and enjoy our range of treatments, well facials and manicures, wraps and steam baths and relaxing Indian or Swedish massage or any of the treatments you fancy. There is a catch please keep a healthy lifestyle and do visit us sometimes for follow-ups, because plainly spoken your skin reflects how you are.

The Rasul chamber will use medicinal mud to cleanse and detoxify you with herb-infused steam, to be followed with a tropical rain shower to wash away the mud providing an all over cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. Sulis Body Scrub is a personalized Skincare treatment, Reflexology is basically Foot Massage to take care of your overall well being, Swedish massage, Indian Head Massage are all designed to revitalize you with firm but gentle pressure to melt away stress and are vital for Skincare. We have sourced the Lomi Lomi massage from the Polynesian Islands. This ancient healing technique targets the back and uses flowing movements. This deep-pressured massage results in improved circulation and relaxation. Pure Aromatherapy Massage aids Skincare via the healing fragrance combined with gentle Massage. Deep Sports Massage and Hot Stone Therapy are also considered highly beneficial and effective Skincare treatments.

Thai massage is based on traditional oriental health principles and uses basic movement to benefit the body. The use of body weight and strength of the massage therapist to bend and stretch the body aids in the treatment of a number of different ailments. They will decreases pain and muscle tension, Strengthen and rejuvenate the body, improves blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, increases flexibility, detoxifies, stimulates the nervous system, relaxes and reduces conditions like migraines, numbness, sciatica etc.

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