Manicure and Pedicure has been depicted in hieroglyphics of some Egyptian Pharaoh’s tombs. Red nail colour was for royalty in ancient Egypt. Happily now royal treatments are not reserved for royalties alone, just step into our realm and experience the treatment your hassled hands and feet will cherish for ever.

The classic pedicure is just the treatment for your tired feet. It aids and protects your feet from common ailments. An intensive, relaxing salt exfoliation followed by cuticle care, nail shaping, a foot massage and polish application, complete the treatment. In classic pedicure, a hydrating paraffin wrap and warming mitts, soften and hydrate even the driest skins. Luxury Stone Pedicure uses a luxurious hot and cold stone massage to the feet and lower legs. This treatment uses our Sulis range and will leave your feet feeling refreshed and reborn. Thai Foot Treatment includes Thai style relaxing massage for ultimate foot care.

No two hands are akin, ask a manicurist. The classic Manicure treatment feeds the skin with active anti-ageing and nourishing nutrients that lock in moisture, restoring suppleness and elasticity. A hand exfoliation, cuticle care, nail shaping, a hand massage and polish application will result in youthful looking hands that are hydrated, replenished and protected. Manicure treatments include hydrating paraffin wraps and massage with hot and cold stones. Stone treatment uses our Sulis Touch range, which includes Vitamin E and gentle Lotus Flower lotion that has anti-ageing and nourishing properties. These treatments can be combined with Thai style massage.