At the very heart of Mama Mio’s business, where they make all the decisions and plans for Mama Mio’s growth and development, they have one massive mission. They want to help women feel more confident in their skin. This is the motive for every single action and the reason for their business to exist.

The four founders of Mama Mio are, quite simply, four women who want to feel good in their skin. Mama Mio truly is a reflection of their experiences through the different life stages – footloose and fancy free, pregnant and glowing, trying to get their bodies back in shape, and now a whole new phase of becoming women of wisdom (but still wanting to look good in a bikini). Mama Mio is anti-gravity, anti- aging, skin-elasticising, fat-busting, orange peel zapping, toning and tightening, high-performance skincare – using the very best quality of ingredients at very high dosages so you see and feel maximum benefits very quickly.

Mama Mio talk about skin fitness all the time. They believe that FIT skin is gorgeous, glowing, touchable, toned, strong and supple. Whatever your shape or your age, we all want skin that literally fits you like a glove; holding everything in and holding everything up. Their High Protein Face Care and Bootcamp kits are a perfect example of how they think at Mama Mio. Doesn’t it just make so much sense – lift, tone and nourish your skin AND lift, tone and energise the muscles that sit immediately beneath? We thought so too.

Mama Mio Skincare

We are ridiculously proud of their formulas. They spend years making sure they are the best they can possibly be. They are extremely demanding on their poor biochemists, questioning every single ingredient and benefit claim. They include all the actives at the highest recommended levels because they want their products to really work. The best way to find out whether they have succeeded is to have a look at some their amazing testimonials because it means so much more than anything we can tell you.

You should also know that they care just as much about what they don’t put into their skincare. At Mama Mio they maintain a strict NO NASTIES policy. Every Mama Mio product is safe to use at any time from pregnancy stage to pensionable age. It is Paraben Free, Petrolatum Free, Sodium Laureth and Sodium Laurel Sulphate Free, Xenoestrogen and Phtalates Free, Colourant and Synthetic Fragrance Free. Quite simply, if it’s a nasty, it’s a no-no.

So, stop thinking about skin type and think about the skin you want – fit and fabulous.

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