If you are thinking about booking a weekend spa break, you might be feeling faintly guilty for indulging yourself. However, if you contemplate the health advantages of one of the most popular spa treatments i.e. massage, you might find those guilty feelings tumbling away. We are all progressively conscious of the prerequisite to look after our health, body and soul, and massage can bring a magnificent sense of well-being which should be taken advantage of. We live in a fast-paced atmosphere where life can be awash with worries and stresses and such a lifestyle can easily result in a fatigued feeling which a hard-earned spa break at a renowned day spa Cape Town could certainly combat. As you explore the diverse categories of spa treatments available, one of them should definitely be a deluxe and indulgent massage with an expert therapist.

Massage has an extensive and striking history, and when you book into a luxury spa for a pampering weekend, it is worth knowing precisely what kind of massage suits you and your prerequisites. Massage therapy has been applauded as one of the oldest forms of healing treatment and its history dates all the way back to China and the second century, BC. Your spa therapist will take you through the varied categories of spa therapies and massages they offer – the most prevalent normally are Swedish massage therapy, aromatherapy massage, hot stone and deep tissue massage. There are more focused versions such as shiatsu and sport massage, and if you are keen on booking a spa break with a luxury day spa Cape Town that offers these, it is categorically worth doing some research.

The health advantages are speckled – usually, massage therapy calms the nervous system encouraging a deep sense of relaxation and lessens tension and anxiety. It is impeccable if you have a big and stressful life event approaching, such as a wedding, and are booking a spa break so as to escape from it all it all for a short time. Massage also improves circulation, thus supplying nutrition to the skin cells, it kindles the lymphatic system which can help if you are detoxing. It relaxes muscle cramps and can also support with more serious conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms. A spa break is the eventual way to pamper yourself but the health advantages of treatments such as massage are very tangible and can go beyond a pampering sitting.

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