Life Day Spa Pedicure

//Life Day Spa Pedicure

Life Day Spa Pedicure

Tonight was my second time at the tranquil Life Day Spa in Century City and I was treated to a luxury stone pedicure (HEAVENLY) thanks to a gift voucher from a friend (Jasmine: You are the reason I have such soft feet now 🙂 )

 For those considering this exact treatment, this is what you can basically expect:

  • You are first asked to lie down and are covered in a warm blanket. The beauty therapist will then place a warm bean bag over your eyes and your shoulders, and your hands will be covered in heated mittens. So snuggly.
  • Then she will soak your feet, buff them, exfoliate with a yummy scented scrub, massage them with paraffin cream and then use hot stones to massage your feet and legs.
  • Then comes the best part (well according to me)…she will cover your feet in hot booties, switch off the light, and leave you alone all toasty and warm nodding off to the sleep inducing music.
  • Ten minutes of this and you will feel so refreshed it’s amazing. Then the final bit. You will choose your colour (Life Day Spa uses OPI nail lacquer) and she will file, buff and paint your toenails. I chose a shimmery coral colour…summery as am changing seasons next month.
  • I was impressed as they let you walk out in their slippers just so the nail polish has enough time to dry.

 Pedicure at Life Day Spa Cape Town


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