Life Day Spa Kids

Life Day Spa Kids Spa Party

At last, a beautiful professional environment to bring your babies, kids and teenagers to enjoy. Life Kids is equipped to treat the individual as well as large parties. You can book kids spa party here. We offer amazing packages if Life Day Spa kids party. Your child will feel incredibly rejuvenated and happy after attending our kids Spa party.

These days kids are looking for a pampering service exactly like mom and also have their own unique needs that need to be met.

Tweens and Teens have their own beauty needs that need to be takes seriously and attended to before they become an issue causing unnecessary complexes.

With our state of the art camera app that can be downloaded, Moms can have piece of mind to leave the kids with us and go shopping or pop upstairs for a treatment of their own. With a touch of a button, moms can see what their kids are doing at any given time…. now that’s piece of mind!

Life Day Spa Kids is a proud member of the prestigious Spas of Distinction group. This award winning collection of spas boasts 30 years experience in the health and beauty industry: clients can take comfort knowing that they are in expert hands.

Spa Contact Information:

Tel: +27 11 465 7777
2 Design Quarter District
Leslie Ave East