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In earlier days weight loss programs have been referred to as a fat camp, fat farm etc but today’s Health Spa based weight loss programs incorporate much more. The Weight Loss programs of Health Spas are designed to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle, maintaining your weight and tailoring our responses to address the mind-body connection between weight loss, fitness, nutrition and overall well being.


Destination spas and Health Spas focus on developing healthier habits to help you lose weight. Dont expect to lose say ten pounds in one week. Health spas have totally changed their food philosophy from their “fat farm” days, when everyone was on 800 calories per day and a hard exercise regime. This approach is effective but causes long term damage like reduced muscle mass and slowing down of metabolism. It is difficult to keep off the ‘weight’ you lost. These days you meet your nutritionist and a bio-kinetic profiling of your body type is done.

Some alternate Health Spas will offer you some fasting programs too, in combination with wraps and massages, to aid detox. Sessions at the Rasul chamber also focuses on detox. Sauna and steam bath and wraps combine to weed out excess body fat. The key is perseverance, a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and some exercise must be made a part of your daily routine to complement and sustain the body sculpting done by a spa. And at the end of the day it is more about fat loss than weight loss.

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