spa treatments cape town - Floatation Pool

In these hectic times, it is very difficult to find time for a week off and go for a holiday somewhere. It can also turn out to be very costly if you are travelling somewhere exotic. This is where day spa Cape Town comes in. We know there Are a myriad of spas in the area, so let us tell you why we are the best choice. Firstly, there is the matter of price, which is an important factor nowadays when budgets are tight. We offer a cost-effective spa experience – there are a wide range of pampering services you can indulge in, ranging from various types of traditional and modern massages, manicures, pedicures, a relaxing floatation experience or a revitalising swim in a pool.

Before you actually decide to come to our spa for the day, we will arrange an individualised programme tailor-made to your taste and needs. Perhaps a massage session for your bad back, or you want to take more advantages of the pool – do not worry, we will arrange everything in order to maximise the effect of your stay with us. Our aim is to de-stress, make you mentally and physically prepared for the any schedule that awaits. If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary and would like to experience Life Day Spa Cape Town together with your loved one, no problem! We offer programs made for couples who like to relax together.

It is common knowledge that going to a spa long ceased to be an extravagance, as it was during Roman times. Spa is essential for recharging your batteries and enabling you to tackle the challenges of daily life. Expect to be treated like a king or a queen with all your desires coming true in our spa. Our professionals are characterised by a mixture of young energy and years of experience, and they know what your body and mind need in order to regain Life energy. We are aware that you are only with us for the day, and we will do what it takes to maximise positive impact that our services have on you. And yes – we want you to come back, so we can keep coming up with innovative ideas on how to proceed with beautification and relaxation that you deserve.

The benefits of going to a spa are numerous, and they have been recognised for centuries. Spa treatments at Life Day Spa Cape Town are worthy of a king and have been proven to have positive psychological and physical effects. Did you know that even seemingly superficial treatments like manicure or pedicure can have positive mental impact on you? It will make you feel beautiful, self-confident and simply – happy.