Beauty Spa Cape Town, South Africa

//Beauty Spa Cape Town, South Africa

Beauty Spa Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to relax and enjoy some “me” time, after a busy day, then a 5 star spa facility provider resort or hotel is the best place. Everyone should take a moment to pamper themselves and time for mind nourishment. Cape Town is a beautiful city of SA and is famous for spa treatments and packages. Experienced and professional therapists are experts in their field and can sooth away tensions and re-energize you.

One can get the ultimate head-to-toe treatments at Life Day Spa CT, a beauty spa in Cape Town which includes luxury treatment methods including facials, massages and other therapies. They use local and international both brands of beauty products with the huge stock of it to sale so that one can buy these products and feel the spa experience at home afterwards.

Life Day Spa Cape Town went BIG at the Professional Beauty Awards 2013 hosted recently.

Winner: Day Spa of the Year
Winner: Therapist of the Year – Nicolette Capula
Finalist: Spa Manager of the Year

We’re incredibly proud of this spa, beingvoted Best Day Spa for the second consecutive year. We would like to thank ALL of you!! We would not have been able to achieve this without your support and loyalty to LIFE.

Their specialty is Thai massage along with a dip in cool water pools, these therapies have been used from the last 2500 years to reduce or remove the mental stress and improve the physical health. They also include various yoga practices, reflexology and other procedures to improve the flexibility of your body and reduce the tension. All these practices and treatments are also helpful in treating chronic pains and diseases like migraines.

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