Spa West Rand

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The area around is an UNESCO World Heritage site designated ‘Cradle of Humankind’, holding evidence of the earliest discovery of man.

Gold Mining is mostly centered on Gauteng. The Gold Rush resulted in towns and cities like Johannesburg Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Randfontein and Westonaria. Prominent on the West Rand are the towering mining headgear structures, once used for lowering and raising equipment, mined rock and personnel, more durable concrete structures have now replaced these relics.

So how often do you take time to pamper yourself, allow health and wellness of your body, spirit and mind is cared for? If you are like the majority, speeding at a frantic pace through the mad rush of life, chances are your own comfort is catered to only as an afterthought.

The highly professional and dedicated staff at Soulstice Day Spa will pamper you with your chosen Spa treatment. This West Rand Spa is situated in the new Silverstar Casino, adjacent to the Silverstar Hotel in Mogale City (Krugersdorp), Gauteng. A wide range of spa treatments and spa packages are available to you. Nothing will please us more than being your sanctuary of serenity away from the tribulations of the world.

At Soulstice Day Spa we offer our guests only the highest-quality beauty products, and offer nothing but the best in spa treatments and facilities. Soulstice Day Spa offers unique spa treatments that you will not find offered at any other wellness centre, especially around West Rand Spas.

Inspired and named after the ancient Sun Goddess of Wellness, the Soulstice Sulis range of signature treatments adhere to the philosophy preached by Sulis: “Take time to restore yourself.” We will pamper you with Sulis Revive Ritual, Sulis Purify Ritual and Sulis Relax Ritual.

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