Spa Sandton

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Ensconced in the upscale Michaelangelo Towers Renaissance Day Spa is like an oasis.

Positive energies permeate the tastefully-themed halls and walkways of this Sandton Spa. The pampering spa treatment of your choice is administered with gentle care to transport you into delightful serenity.

Cascading waterfalls, elaborate chandeliers, elegant surroundings and a breathtaking ambiance engulfs fills you with a sense of sophistication as you enter the Renaissance Day Spa, Sandton. Greco-Roman inspired artwork adorns the walls of the Renaissance Day Spa, providing an atmosphere of class, reminiscent of the bathing houses of the ancient Romans, for whom ‘bathing’ was one of the most important act of daily life. Over two decades of catering to you will only add to your experience when you walk in.

Spa facilities include showers, steam rooms, saunas, heated oxygenated spa bath, Rasul Chamber. Choose any service and pamper yourself with massage, body treatment, facial etc while soaking in the healing energies of color. Each of the seven color coded rooms represent a certain aspect of life and will positively effect your overall well being. Should you be seeking true indulgence, do treat yourself to one of a variety of day spa packages. You can enjoy treatments around the outdoor pool or the heated indoor oxygenated spa bath. There is also a food and beverage bar, a gym and the option of having a delicious lunch while we pamper you. The Renaissance day spa also offers you the patented Patricia Clarke procedure of cellulite reduction amongst its specialist treatments.

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