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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology that produces light of high intensity for very short period. It involves specific lamps with capacitors, which provides the rapid discharge for the high energy required. It is a method of body hair removal used by medical practitioners and estheticians. It is cheaper, faster and safer than Laser based hair removal techniques and the results are roughly similar. It is used as a skin treatment in a process known as photo rejuvenation.


Octavias Sensorium Day Spa’s MiniIPL is a wonderfully comfortable and effective way to take care of your skin, besides effective Hair Removal technique. It is suitable for areas as delicate as the lips or bikini area but effective enough for larger areas such as the legs and mens backs. A package of treatments will leave you with smooth, long lasting, hair free skin. The signs of ageing in your complexion, including redness, rosacea, pigmentation and age spots can be eliminated by using it. The MiniILP Skin Revival System is safe and effective. It delivers light safely and comfortably to the inner layer of the skin where collagen is created, leaving you soft, smooth and more youthful.

Soulstice Day Spa offers you permanent and semi permanent Hair Removal with the same broadband light that treats signs of ageing. The treatment with MiniILP will leave you rejuvenated and hair free for long. The same system is recalibrated to treat uneven pigmentation, redness of skin and age spots. Besides we offer you all the more conventional methods of hair removal like hot and cold waxing etc.

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